Organic / Bio Mustard 230g
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Organic / Bio Mustard 230g

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Organic / Bio Mustard 230g

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Elegance of Timeless Tradition: Classic Mustard

Tracing its roots back to ancient civilizations, mustard has long been celebrated not just as a condiment but as a culinary legacy. Originating from the fertile grounds of the Indus Valley, classic mustard found its way into European and Asian kitchens, evolving into a beloved staple in gastronomy. With its distinct tangy flavor, Classic Mustard Sauce enhances dishes, turning them into gourmet delights, making it an essential ingredient for the discerning palate.

Product Information:

  • Flavor Profile: Classic Mustard Sauce boasts a robust flavor, striking a delicate balance between sharpness and a slight hint of spiciness. Its rich undertones give it the versatility to complement a range of dishes, from simple sandwiches to elaborate entrees.
  • Features:
    • Vegan: Ensures the product contains no animal-derived ingredients.
    • Gluten-Free: Perfect for those with gluten sensitivities or preferences.
    • Bio-organic: Sustainably sourced, upholding the values of organic farming, ensuring purity in every drop.
  • Health Benefits:
    • Digestive Aid: Mustard can stimulate the production of saliva, aiding in digestion.
    • Rich in Antioxidants: Offers protection against harmful free radicals.
    • Low in Calories: A healthy addition to meals without significant calorie addition.
  • Product Usage:
    Add a dab to sandwiches, mix into salad dressings, blend into marinades, or use as a base for gravies and sauces.
  • Nutritional Facts (Per 1 tablespoon / 15ml serving):
    • Calories: 10
    • Macronutrients:
      • Carbs: 1g
      • Protein: 0.5g
      • Fat: 0.3g
    • Micronutrients:
      • Vitamin E: 5% DV
      • Selenium: 7% DV
  • Suggested Portion Size: 1 tablespoon (15 ml) for maximum health benefits.


  • Vegan Mustard Dressing:
    Ingredients: Classic Mustard Sauce, olive oil, lemon juice, agave nectar, salt, pepper.
    Preparation: Whisk together all ingredients until smooth.
    Consumption: Drizzle over salads or roasted veggies.
    Storage: Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.
  • Quick Mustard Snack Wrap:
    Ingredients: Whole grain tortilla, Classic Mustard Sauce, avocado, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and agave nectar.
    Preparation: Spread mustard on the tortilla, add veggies, drizzle with agave. Roll up the tortilla.
    Consumption: Enjoy immediately or pack for an on-the-go snack.
    Storage: Best consumed immediately.
  • Mustard Face Mask (Cosmetic Use):
    Ingredients: Classic Mustard Sauce, honey, turmeric powder.
    Preparation: Mix all ingredients into a smooth paste.
    Consumption: Apply to face, avoiding eyes. Leave for 5-10 minutes, rinse off with cool water.
    Storage: Best used immediately after preparation.
  • Detox Mustard Bath:
    Ingredients: Classic Mustard Sauce, Epsom salts, lavender essential oil.
    Preparation: Mix all ingredients in a tub filled with warm water.
    Consumption: Soak for 20 minutes, rinse off.
    Storage: Prepare just before use.
  • Expired Mustard Foot Soak:
    Ingredients: Expired Classic Mustard Sauce, warm water.
    Preparation: Mix mustard in a basin of warm water.
    Consumption: Soak feet for 15-20 minutes.
    Storage: Use expired mustard immediately, do not store.

The Elegance of Timeless Tradition: Classic Mustard is more than just a condiment—it’s a testament to culinary history, a versatile ingredient, and a treasure trove of health benefits. It caters to those who value vegan, gluten-free, and bio-organic choices. For those keen on elevating their culinary experiences or reaping health benefits, this mustard is an indispensable addition to their pantry.


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