Soya Beans
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Soya Beans

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Soya Bean  is a legume plant that is commonly cultivated for human needs. Eating this kind of legumes can help lessen the risk of range health problems including coronary heart disease. It also contain hormone-like substances called phytoestogens that  imitates the action of hormone oestrogen. It also include lesser hot flushes during a womens menopausal stage, protection from coronary heart disease and lower the risk of osteophorosis. aside from those benefits, soy bean is also high in protein, and one of the two which known and contains all the essential amino acids like what is a meat have. Soy beans also helps lower the blood pressurwe, improves the blood vessel like a greater elasticity of the artery wall, it gives protection against various cancers like breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate and skin cancer. It also manage the endometriosis snd hsd snti-inflsmmstory effect.

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