Choco Tea
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Choco Tea

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Choco flavor yogi tea contains a chai spices and a delicious cocoa shells that brings a wonderful chocolate aroma that indulges the senses to heavenly tea blend. It is a blend of cocoa shell that gives a sweetish-soft aroma and contains few calories, licorice that serves as its sweetener due to its strong sweetening power but tastes mild-sweetish and bitter-tart, cinnamon  that has aromatic-sweetish taste and contains valuable essential oils, barley malt that creates a malty and slightly caramel like taste, carob with sweetish taste, cardamom that has a subtle, sweetish-spicy aroma, ginger that gives a fruity-hot and aromatically spicy taste, cloves that has a spice for both sweet and salty and have an intensive spicy aroma, black pepper which is known to be the "king of spices" that has intensive-spicy taste and vanilla that has a subtle yet genuine taste..

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