Coconut Oil
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Coconut Oil

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With an incredible variety of uses, coconut oil is both a stable cooking oil, supplement and beauty product. Our coconut oil is unrefined and naturally high in medium chain triglycerides which help to burn fat and are an important source of fuel in a ketogenic diet. The most abundant fatty acid in coconut oil, Lauric acid, is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Coconut oil contains no cholesterol and its natural plant saturated fats can even help lower LDL cholesterol. These saturated fats are also crucial for optimal neurological function and hormonal balance. Coconut oil doesn’t require bile from the liver or enzymes created by the pancreas to be broken down and therefore is considered one of the healthiest and easily assimilated fats in the plant world 

How to use: Use as a healthy alternative to other lower quality cooking oils. Apply small amount of coconut oil on a cotton circle and use as makeup remover. Use 1 tablespoon as mouth wash with other menthol essential oils and rinse for 15 minutes. 

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