Evening Primrose
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Evening Primrose

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Evening primrose oil is one of our top choices for womens health and vitality, for all ages and stages of life, from pre natal to post menopausal. This high quality oil is obtained from the seeds of the beautiful yellow flowering plant native to the UK, used for centuries in traditional European herblore. Most notably, applying evening primrose oil topically and taking internally can bring relief of menstrual symptoms include cramps, breast pain, headaches and even balance mood swings. Also known to induce labor during late stages of pregnancy from 37 weeks and on. Studies even show it can reduce labor time when taken in higher doses just before and during labor. 

How to use: Before using regularly test this oil on your hand or arm to ensure rash or redness doesn’t occur as allergic reaction is possible. Use 2-6 grams per day depending on your reason for supplementing with evening primrose. Please contact us to receive specific instructions before starting your evening primrose program.