Garlic Flakes
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Garlic Flakes

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Garlic flakes is helps increase the iron in the body, it also enhance the production of energy tissues need to access its necessary fuel to generate oxygen and manifest the oxygen transport needed in cellular metabolism. And having iron in the body prevents anemia that could lead to fatigue, dyspnea. It also have copper content that helps the nervous system to have its function well and allows the production of neurotransmitters which as the pass the signal between the brain cells and helps in making myelin that maintain the nerve functions, it also have manganese that supports the bone health, activates the glycosyltranferases that enhance healthy cartilage and bone development. Manganese also increase the production of collagen that are needed in the healing of wound and serves as an antioxidant and supports the metabolism. It also have phosphorus that are needed in the body to be able to enhance the kidney function healthy and have the cells to make ATP which is a source of energy.

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