Natural Efe | Organic Manuka Honey Active 20+
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Natural Efe | Organic Manuka Honey Active 20+

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Natural Efe | Organic Manuka Honey Active 20+
Weight : 500g
Manuka Honey 20+ contains naturally occurring unique properties, making it one of the most sought-after honey in the world. Manuka Honey 20+ collected by the honey bees from flowers of the Manuka Bush which is indigenous to New Zealand, naturally enriched by its clean green native forest. It is world renowned for its unique and distinctive aroma, delicate creamy flavor and intensely delicious when consume straight from the jar. This natural, Premium Manuka Honey is raw, unpasteurized and 100% produced organically in New Zealand under strict, hygienically controlled process and its free from artificial additives.
Directions for use: Internal Take 1-2 teaspoon before meals, 2-3 times daily.
External: Apply on a sterile dressing and cover the wounds.
For better effect dissolve honey in the mouth. People who have allergic reactions should seek medical advice before consuming.
Not recommended for infants under 12 months.