Multigrain Spaghetti (Rice, Amaranth & Quinoa Mix)

Multigrain Spaghetti (Rice, Amaranth & Quinoa Mix)

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Multigrain Spaghetti (Rice, Amaranth & Quinoa Mix)

The two main ingredients are :

  1. Amaranth is good for overall strong body health
  2. Amaranth has free radical so it’s good for reducing the decline of body cell
  3. Build collagen for flexibility of skin that reduces
  4. Improve eye sight and reduce eye decline.
  5. Improve bone and teeth durability.
  6. Reduce the decline of brain and Alzheimer
  7. Maintain blood.
  8. Anti-food bored.



 Quinoa is nutrient-rich and has significant health benefits, including:

It's a complete protein. For such a tiny seed, quinoa has a lot of protein:

It's gluten-free. Quinoa is naturally gluten-free. ...

It's high in fiber. It's high in minerals. It may be good for your gut.


How to cook

Boil the spaghetti with hot water that mix with olive oil and salt for about 15-20 minutes. Then bring the spaghetti to the cold water. After that put the spaghetti on the dish then made your own toppings such as pork mince tomato sauce or carbonara.