Copper | Hammered Water Glass แก้วน้ำทองแดง ลายตอก
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Copper | Hammered Water Glass แก้วน้ำทองแดง ลายตอก

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Volume : 300 ml

Copper Water Glass / Hydrate with Nature's Luxury!!!

Made of 99.7% pure copper Handcrafted in India Leakproof.

If well handled, this glass can be passed on to the next generation!
Stay Hydrated the Ayurveda way!
Yogis have been drinking copper water since ancient times.
As per Ayurveda, copper water balances all three doshas in the body, and copper keeps water naturally cool.

Only for still water.
- Made of 99.7% food grade copper
- Weight: 60g
- Outer layer lacquered for glossy finish and easy maintenance
- 100% heavy metal free, toxins free- Wide mouth for ice filling and easy cleaning
- Single wall

The hammered copper glasses are a style statement, thanks to their minimalistic yet modern design! The glasses are hand-hammered by experienced artisans, turning them into contemporary designer pieces. The glasses will not only quench your thirst but will rejuvenate your memories with fond moments of blissful euphoric and plastic free days!

With their ‘voguish’ design, the glasses are your perfect companion for picnics, home parties, meet ups or at work. They are lighter than glass or metal glasses and eco-friendlier than plastic and other junk. With your copper glasses you not just make a statement but also add good karma points to your life!

Designed to be perfectly in size for everyday life, our glasses are just another way you can stay hydrated and healthy!

Built for extraordinary look with fantastic design, its shape allows you to always hold the grip.

Capable of magically turning your tap water into alkaline water and balance your doshas, it’s the curvy little companion that will see you through from start to finish!

Also, welcome your guests with a heartfelt and health filled gesture as you serve them water in a copper glass! And while everyone is talking about what needs to be done to help protect our planet, you’re actually doing something. You know that each small step in the right direction matters – and we’re excited to keep you healthy and hydrated every inch of the way. Harking back to simpler times, water brings back faint but fond memories of that sweet coppery goodness.

Ayurveda Benefits : Since ancient times, Ayurveda has advocated the benefits of drinking copper water. As per Ayurveda, when you store water in a copper vessel for a span of 6-8 hours (best stored overnight), the water becomes naturally alkaline. This happens because the copper vessel positively charges the water and energizes it, making the water ‘live’ again. It also leaves it tasting silky smooth. The charged copper water helps bring balance to the Tridosha (Vata, Kapha and Pitta) of the body. In Ayurveda, this transformed, therapeutic water taken from copper vessels is called ‘Tamra Jal’.

Scientific Benefits : Our studies show that our copper glass can increase waters PH Levels and its alkalinity and also act anti-bacterial. The laboratory tests were conducted on both filtered as well as unfiltered water that included harmful bacteria like E.Coli. Copper has self-sterilizing properties. Modern science calls this the oligodynamic effect – the inherently toxic effect of certain metals on pathogens.Storage Tips : To enjoy its maximum benefits, let your water stay overnight in the bottle and drink it the next day, either in the morning on an empty stomach or throughout the day, for a vital dose of copper for a better life and mood!

Cleaning Tips : Put a table spoon of citric acid powder or descaler powder in the copper glass. Pour hot water and let it rest for few minutes. Shake well and rinse off. Your copper bottle will shine as new from within. Do not clean or scrub the glass from outside. The lacquer layer could rub off. Hand wash recommended, not dish washer friendly.