Natural Efe | Palo Santo Stick
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Natural Efe | Palo Santo Stick

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Palo Santo Stick | ไม้หอม พาโลซานโต
Weight : 100g

Import from Peru.

The wood is burned as incense. As it burns, it releases aromatic smoke into the air. Palo santo chips and powder are used in the same way.

To burn palo santo wood sticks : Light a palo santo stick with a candle, lighter, or match. Hold the stick downward at a 45-degree angle. Let the stick burn for 30 seconds. Blow out the flame. Place the stick in a heatproof dish to let it burn.
When using wood chips or powders, place them in a heatproof dish. Light them with a lighter or match, then blow them out after 30 seconds.
** Never leave burning incense unattended. **