Organic / Bio Aloe Vera and Cacao Scrub
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Organic / Bio Aloe Vera and Cacao Scrub

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Our aloe vera and cacao scrub is made with natural and pure organic ingredients for your skincare routine. We have created this blend as a great combination for healthy, glowing skin. Aloe vera exhibits many toning effects to the skin and the high magnesium content found in raw cacao helps to balance mineral deficiency increase blood flow that will tone the skin and aid its natural detox capability.

Aloe vera is popular due to its ability to soothe wounds, sunburn, hair loss, hemorrhoids and other inflammatory digestive issues. It also treats particular skin problems such as acne and psoriasis due to its calming effect and ability to decrease itchiness and topical inflammation.

How to use: we always recommend applying our scrubs in a shower or sauna as to avoid a messy cleanup. Hot water or air temperatures assist our scrubs as the heat allows the body to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins more quickly. Mix a small amount of their scrub in your hands until it begins to break down and mix with the moisture present in the air, then apply the mixture generously all over the body. After 10-20 minutes, gently rinse the scrub off your body and apply natural moisturizer of your choice to the skin.