Organic / Bio Dried Lingonberries
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Organic / Bio Dried Lingonberries

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These tiny red berries which grow naturally among the colder climate zones of Eurasia have a sour taste and are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants! As a good rule of thumb, we try our best to consume a wide variety of super foods with different color pigments and phytonutrients which allow the body to better adapt to the world around us. Lingon berries are known to contain naturally high levels of preservatives, making them shelf stable at room temperature all winter long, which would have been very important for early Scandinavians who required there sustenance through the long winters of northern europe. Containing anti inflammatory properties due to the presence of procyanidins, Lingon berries also contain a notable amount of omega 3 fatty acid, which if you remember is a common deficiency among the western world due to the over consumption of processed oils.