Organic / Bio Maqui Berry Powder
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Organic / Bio Maqui Berry Powder

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Blended from our sun dried source of organic maqui berries, originally found in the Andean mountain regions of Chile, and growing so prolifically in the wild that commercial production remains unnecessary. Growing in these remote regions of Patagonia where rich volcanic soil is present means maqui berries contain unique levels antioxidants such as the rare anthocyanin, as well as topping the charts for vitamin C content, putting maqui in the same category as amla, camu camu and goji as a top choice for a quick vitamin C boost. Maqui can also be considered a more cost effective replacement of the more expensive acai berry products.

How to use:

Mix 1 tablespoon of this powder in 1 liter of water. Blend, strain and refrigerate and enjoy as a juice product. We recommend adding a natural sweetener as maqui berry, like most other high antioxidant fruits, is quite tart. In order to supplement maqui for acai in any smoothie bowl or other recipe, we recommend using 2 parts maqui to 1 part acai in order to make the more expensive ingredient last longer.