Zeolite Powder
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Zeolite Powder

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Zeolite Powder

Weight : 100g

Zeolite is a special clay powder that comes from volcanic earth deposits. The practice of consuming these volcanic clays A critical product in any detoxification program zeolite absorbs virtually every kind of toxin the body can eliminate during a detox program. One of the biggest concerns during a detox program is the adverse side effects caused by the reabsorbing of toxins before they can be eliminated. These toxins will become more concentrated and even more harmful in the body. The cellular structure of zeolite resembles a 3 dimensional honey comb shape in which the negative electrical charge draws out the toxins we wish to eliminate within 6-8 hours. 

How to use: Zeolite supplementation is a slow process best used in regimens lasting four weeks. Known to work like other superfood adaptogens in that it will bind to the most damaging toxins first before moving on to lesser chemicals and plastics before finally working to remove viruses and bacteria over growths. Use 2 teaspoons twice a day for occasional general maintenance and 2 tablespoons twice per day for a high dosage regimen while adhering to fasting protocols. Mix well with water or juice and drink immediately.  As you can imagine, drinking what is essentially volcanic ash isn't the tastiest superfood blend in the world. Cheers to our health!