Poppy Seed
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Poppy Seed

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Poppy Seeds are tiny dried seed of the opium poppy used as food, food flavoring and the source of poppy-seed oil. It has iron and phosphorus that enhances the bone health, also have calcium and magnesium to enhance the brain function and manifest the neuron's development. And due to its nutrients, vitamins and minerals content, it provides several health benefits such as the improvement on the fertility of a female, it also have the ability to enhance and boost the libido and sexual desire. Poppy seed contains insoluble fiber that support and maintain the functioning of digestive system. It also have the cooling effect that treats the mouth ulcer, also have the ability to boost energy, it also have nutrients such as calcium, iron and copper that enhances the brain's neurotransmitters and its function, and due to its calcium and copper content it maintain the bone healthy and its oleic acid maintains the blood pressure to its normal level. The poppy seed also boosts the immune system due to the zinc content, it also improve heart health due to its fiber that lowers the cholesterol level.

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