Spirulina Powder
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Spirulina Powder

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One of the most popular super foods today, spirulina is the dry powdered extract of the blue green algae that grows all over the world, the highest quality of which being cultivated in an indoor controlled environment. A top superfood for its blood tonifying, cellular oxygenating and detoxifying effects, spirulina contains incredibly high amounts of both chlorophyll and the rare blue pigment Phycocyanin (our content creators favorite superfood)! Spirulina also contains special growth factors which can lengthen telomeres to produce anti-aging effects and increase production of bone marrow, cerebral spinal fluid, even brain and stem cells! 

How to use: begin with 2 teaspoons daily mixed into a smoothie to hide the earthy, fishy flavor. Increase dosage slowly every week to prevent unpleasant detox reactions from occurring too quickly.