Yum Earth Sour Beans
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Yum Earth Sour Beans

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We are excited to carry several product from this line of vegan, organic and gluten free treats! Although we do not advise regular consumption of ‘healthy junk foods’, it is always great to have quick options to replace common sweets that are normally full of toxic ingredients, gelatin that is sourced from the waste of meat production and numerous other dyes and artificial sweeteners proven to cause damage to the human body. Perfect for healthy children and parents who do not wish to miss out on social events where desired food options are not present. With natural ingredients such as gelatin from plant sources, beetroot, spirulina and turmeric for color dyes and more, we are certain you will enjoy this healthy alternative to a childhood favorite! 

How to use: Just don’t eat them all in one sitting! (Professional advice from our content creator)