Vegan Cooking Classes In Phuket

Teaching macrobiotic, raw, probiotic and vegan diet cooking techniques.

Our experts will teach you how to build flavorful, nutritious dishes, and the benefits of the ingredients used to make them. Our courses are available to both beginners and experts, and they are taught year-round. You will learn techniques like knife skills, seasoning, heating and cooking, as well as flavor combinations and plating. All of these skills can be easily applied in the home and an industrial kitchen, so the courses are perfect for workers in the restaurant industry.

All of our recipes are strictly vegan, but we do have opportunities for students who use dairy—for example, in dough, custard, and pasta. We also explore healthier alternatives for those who would like to learn about them.

Macrobiotic World Cooking School

We’re always adapting to new ideas and innovations. In fact, we welcome them, and sometimes we’ll dare to go against the grain. But we never change the things that make us extraordinary. They define who and what we are. Here’s a list of them below:


Owned, Instructed & developed by Vegan Chef Kosta

We go above and beyond in committing ourselves to our students, both inside and outside the classroom. This isn’t about how well you’re doing in the course; it’s about how you apply the knowledge you’re gaining. We want to make sure that there’s a positive change. We also recognize that many of our students are bringing their skills to the workplace, which is why you will be taught by industry professionals—and not just chefs, experts with experience in restaurant management and ownership.


We listen to students

We believe that learning should be a collaborative process, fostering communication. If students can’t ask questions, they won’t get answers.


One on one

Everyone learns at their own pace. Students need attention and personalized instruction if they are going to succeed. If you have trouble understanding something, our instructors will help.



Cooking instruction is typically expensive, but we have managed to keep the costs low by keeping our class sizes small. You pay less, but you receive the same quality of learning you would find in a larger school.


Creative friendly, family like cooking

We never want to inhibit creativity and spontaneity. Chefs are rogue men and women, who think outside the box, and that’s part of the art. They’re individuals with individual tastes, not machines performing rote tasks. That’s why we teach you how to create by introducing new ingredients and getting you reacquainted with some old ones. You will use your five senses, cooking techniques and inner focus, to master—not just recipes, but actual cuisine.


Classes with depth

We work to provide students with a quality education, regardless of skill level. On the first day, we assess each student’s skill, then work together to develop a collaborative teaching plan that will help bring everyone closer to their goal of mastery.


Unique story

In 2010, Macrobiotic World was built by Kostas Douridas who had a vision that everyone deserves to live a longer and healthier life through the implementation of the knowledge of veganism and vegan methods of cooking. He also decided to convert as many people towards moving more and more to a plant-based diet.. Read more