Active salad Recipes

Active salad Recipes
Active salad
Red, yellow, green, capsicum, carrot, apple, celery, beetroot,daikon, spearmint leaf.
Black Sesame, white sesame,sunflower kernel, pumpkin seed,dry blueberries, dry lemon, maca flakes, dry mulberries.
Pumpkin Hokaido, maca flakes&ginger sauce, boiled roasted tempeh, tomato spearmint sauce, dry blueberries, tahini&white sesame
Protein Source
Bluebberie & beetroot tomato sauce, grill tofu & tempe.,(orange and maca, spearmint sauce on the top) gluten free buckwheat&white miso granola and blueberries.
Play With The Tastys
Carrot, apple, bertroot buckwheat, blueberrie sause, parsley, sunflower kernel, olive kalamon, pumpkin wheat grass juice sause and soya tzatziki

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