Natural Efe | Pumpkin Seeds Properties

Natural Efe | Pumpkin Seeds Properties
Pumkin Seed Styrian
One of the cornerstones of any diet is whether we can provide our bodies with the right amount of amino acids. One of my favorite high protein foods is pumpkin seeds. Available in winter and summer, its raw and peeled versions make excellent sour cream, shelled and roasted instead of the best snacks, chips and saltines, and pumpkin seed oil is a very pleasant food addition.
Pumpkin seed flour can also be found in the ingredients of countless paleo and vegan recipes.
The natural healing effect of pumpkin seeds is recognized in several diseases. It has a positive effect on almost everything from anemia to kidney, heart and liver problems. Although pumpkin seeds vary in size and shape depending on the type of pumpkin, they still have the same effect: they are considered an excellent source of energy, anthelmintic, aphrodisiac, sedative / hypnotic, laxative, and anemia.
Pumpkin seed cure is effective in treating prostate problems, insomnia, and alleviates iron deficiency complaints. However, the treatment keeps osteoporosis away and prevents prostate cancer.
Pumpkin, considered a medicinal plant, is aromatic, healthy and rich in vitamins E and C. It is rich in magnesium and potassium, but is also rich in antioxidants. It is low in fat and low in calories. The pumpkin seeds are rich in oil, lecithin and enzymes.
Pumpkin seeds are rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid, thus preventing stress and insomnia. If you’ve had “no dreams” for a while, or you’re restless, nervous, a cup of tea made from pumpkin seeds is far more effective than a handful of medicine! Make the tea from a tablespoon of shelled, crushed pumpkin seeds and a cup of water. Let the water stand for approx. Boil the seeds for 5 minutes, sweeten with honey and consume 30 minutes before bedtime. Repeat this at least 14 times in the evenings.
Pumpkin seeds help treat skin conditions such as germination or hair dandruff. Every day, if we consume 20 raw pumpkin seeds, before lunch, we provide our body with the necessary dose of zinc. At the same time, it is also rich in vitamin A, so we can also ensure the integrity of our vision.
According to experts, pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of magnesium. And magnesium is the mineral that is responsible for the normal functioning of the heart. It prevents heart attacks and also protects the vascular system. At the same time, it also hides unsaturated fatty acids, supporting blood vessel health. Pumpkin seed treatment can also regenerate the heart muscle. To do this, eat 80-90 grains of raw pumpkin seeds a day for a month. During this time, we omit fatty foods, roasts, and pastries and pastries.
Due to its zinc content, which is an essential mineral for the prostate, pumpkin seeds are an ideal remedy for the gland. An effective agent can be made from it: grind two tablespoons of shelled pumpkin seeds on a nut grinder, then let us cook in a cup of water. The tea made from it is approx. Cook for 15 minutes and repeat two to three times a day until complaints are alleviated.
Pumpkin seeds are an excellent remedy for people with gout, as they help to eliminate uric acid that accumulates in the body. So-called milk must be prepared for this, by placing 6 tablespoons of crushed pumpkin seeds in a clay pot, and then filling it with three cups of boiling water, respectively. A portion can be obtained from this. The resulting solution should be filtered and consumed before meals for one month. During the treatment, the pain is relieved, experts say.
The tiny seed lowers blood cholesterol, supports digestive processes and burns fat. We can get rid of up to two pounds a week if we pay attention to nutrition in addition to consuming it and don’t forget about exercise. Pumpkin seeds contain a number of B vitamins that play a role in the breakdown and absorption of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Its folic acid content is also significant, which makes it more balanced for digestion and also reduces the chances of developing heart disease.
One hundred grams of pumpkin seeds contains 623 calories. It is also high in protein (33.9 / 100 g) and fat (50.5 / 100 g), rich in essential fatty acids. However, the carbohydrate content (3.6 / 100 g) is low, the higher the dietary fiber content. Its valuable ingredients are the large amount of magnesium (970 mg / 100 g), potassium (920 mg / 100 g), and vitamins E, F, B1 and B2, D, Alpha, Beta tocopherol, and selenium. , zinc and copper as well. It contains 7 mg of zinc, 10 mg of iron and 5 g of fiber. Thanks to the vitamin E it contains, it helps to harmonize the functioning of the hormone homeostasis. Due to its potassium content, it also has a diuretic effect - thus getting rid of the excess intercellular fluid accumulated around the abdomen.
It is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory, making it the most effective remedy for bladder problems, as it can reverse degeneration even in more severe cases and completely cure it.
It prevents the development of tumors, and also reverses existing cancerous lesions, and is especially recommended for cancer patients as an adjunct treatment.
It strengthens the nervous system because it helps nerve cells regenerate and give birth to new ones, thus greatly increasing mental and physical performance.
It restores the acid-base balance, thereby eliminating abdominal cramps, bloating, nausea, making it a real breath to consume for people with reflux and other ulcerative digestive problems.
It detoxifies, helps the liver work, helps cleanse the blood.
The specialty of Central European cuisine is pumpkin seed oil, which cures a lot of diseases. Pumpkin seed oil is made in many places in Őrség, it is also called black gold in those regions. Consume it every day because it is not only good, it is also very delicious. Let's just see why we include it in our diet.
From a physiological and medical point of view, the oil obtained by cold pressing is the most valuable. Pumpkin seed oil is made from the kernels of shellless oil by cold pressing. This is important because they do not use high temperatures. In contrast to heat treatment, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins are not damaged or decomposed during cold pressing, thus preserving the rich and valuable active ingredient content of pumpkin seed oil.
Cold pressed pumpkin seed oil contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids (79.4%). It contains mostly linoleic acid, i.e. omega-6 essential fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids are essential for normal growth and development, these fatty acids stimulate hair and skin growth, regulate metabolism and also play an important role in maintaining bone health. The Medical Center of the University of Maryland adds that linoleic acid also plays a very important role in maintaining the reproductive system.
The characteristic taste of the raw material is intensely found in the taste and aroma of dark green pumpkin seed oil. It has an intense hazelnut taste and also has a characteristically bitter taste. Pumpkin seed oil is often paired with apple cider vinegar. It is also used for desserts, for example it gives vanilla ice cream an excellent nutty taste. It is a real delicacy in Austria, it is favorably added to pumpkin soup and other local dishes.
It can be added to cream soups, especially pumpkin soup, mainly due to its taste, but also showy for decoration. On very delicious salads, especially if we mix a little pumpkin seeds into it. Delicious salad dressing can be mixed with mustard, vinegar, salt and pumpkin seed oil. We can also mix it with cottage cheese, garlic, pumpkin seeds crushed in a mortar and green spices, so we can come up with something new for dinner, sandwiches, snacks and hospitality.
The combination of pumpkin seed oil, onion and soy milk can kill parasites and worms in the digestive system. To eliminate the pathogens, it is worth consuming a small spoonful of pumpkin seed oil every three hours. Then the soaked pumpkin seeds should be consumed mixed with half an onion, half a cup of soy milk and a teaspoon of honey. This mixture should be blended together and consumed three times a day for three days.
Pumpkin seed oil contains everything in the same way as pumpkin seeds even sometimes more concentrated.
The best pumpkin seed oils are made in Zala at home. All parts of the pumpkin are used, the dry so-called can be grated from bread into bread, it can be made into special breadcrumbs for meat, but also as animal feed for fish bait anglers.
Real natural pumpkin seed oil is the best in itself. We can also eat it with bread, but if we only protect our health, eat it with a spoon daily. It can also be given to children, for them 1 teaspoon a day is allowed

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