Let's talk Dulse today.


Let's talk Dulse today.

Dulse (Palmaria palmata) is of the most nutritious SEAWEED harvested in the shorelines of the North Atlantic.
This rose-colored seaweed is known for its impressive nutrition content and unique flavor. It tastes a bit like bacon and can be added to many everyday recipes, like breads, pizzas, salads, soups, salads and cooked vegetables.

❗️Why to take it?
It's abundant in macro- and micronutrients, including protein, fiber, antioxidants, iodine, potassium and B vitamins.

Specifically IODINE is known to be deficient in many people due to lack of it in modern diet. And iodine is a vital nutrient that’s responsible for supporting healthy metabolism, regulating thyroid function, and preventing various chronic conditions.

POTASSIUM is required for the proper function of the brain and heart, and plays an essential role in electrolyte balance.

Algal polysaccharides and CHLOROPHYLL content help to reduce inflammation in a body, regulate gut microbiome and improve satiety.

Dulse is a potent PROTEIN-rich seaweed.
It is beneficial for cardiovascular system, and maintaining healthy weight.
It provides dietary fiber essential for proper digestion.

How to take it?
1) Soak in water for 5 minutes.
2) Drain and eliminate excess water.
3) After soaking, Dulse expands to 5 times its dried weight.
Add to your recipe.
It is recommended using Dulse in small quantities and sporadically, no more than 1g of dried seaweed daily (a pinch) per person.

It is nutritious and delicious! Give it a try!

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