Organic / Bio Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Flaxseed oil

Organic / Bio Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Flaxseed oil
The purpose of this short article is to explain Fish and Krill Oils uselessness and at the same time the importance of
Plant Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids essentiality.
The Omega 3 and the Omega 6 - are also called "Vitamins F"
It is very important to understand from the very beginning the following:
Fatty Acids play an essential role in each and every anabolic and catabolic reaction in the organism's and brain metabolism, energy growth, blood membrane synthesis, brain mass development, and maintenance from conception to old age.
The concise explanation that follows, is a "shortcut" to selected works on research papers, books, science and medical teachings, articles, conferences, chosen from among more than 100.000.000 entries in the internet about "Fatty Acids" in the English Language, and as many more in French, German, Russian, Spanish Languages.
Fatty Acids or Omegas have become the most studied and researched nutritional substance for humans and animals since the turn of the millennium.
Omegas 3,6,7 and 9 (Fatty Acids) are listed as number one in FDA's list of the 50 most important elements to sustain life.
Omegas are very, very fragile substances, they are nano atomic molecules of Carbon and Hydrogen, extremely sensitive to light, heat, and oxygen.
Omegas active form are referred to as"CIS-CIS Fatty Acids ", Inactive Omegas are referred to as "TRANS" Fatty Acids
At only 35 Degrees Centigrade Omegas are inactivated becoming Trans Fatty Acids.
In Chemistry language it is explained as : "
We call "Vitamins F" a group of substances, these are the Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, popularly known as Omega 3 and Omega 6 (Alpha-Linolenic Fatty Acid) and (Alpha Linoleic Fatty Acid)
Classified as essential because they are indispensable for life and they cannot be produced by the human organism. Only through nutrition having plant life as a source.
They are the Alpha Linoleic (Omega 3) and Alpha Linolenic Fatty Acids
(Omega 6), of which there are several isomers. * BULLET 3
Another Fatty Acid of the same category is the Arachidonic Acid.
It is a very important substance for cerebral functions and structures.
The human organism can derive it from Linoleic Fatty Acid which must, absolutely, be supplied by foods.
Linoleic Fatty Acid enters into the structures of the membranes, ensuring that they are normally invulnerable.
It is the primary material that is the basis for the synthesis of other Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Prostaglandins, Lecithins, Myelin, Nerve Sheaths and Nerve Fibers.
It plays a determining role in the immunity balance.
Biologically Active "Vitamins F" have absolutely primary importance.
It is from lack of them that all industrialized societies are suffering degenerative diseases today.
The need for active Vitamins F - Omegas 3 and 6 have been evaluated at between 10 and 20 grams a day
(contained in one to two tablespoons of high-quality Organic Cold Pressed oils, extracted in the absence of light, heat, and oxygen, Omega 3 must be kept frozen, Omega 6 Kept Refrigerated in the dark color bottle.
This need is not often met (Schweigart).
These polyunsaturated fatty acids are concentrated in the oleaginous seeds of: sunflower, flax (linseed), sesame, cotton, poppy, evening primrose, borage, pumpkin seeds, apricot seeds, hemp..., which are extraordinarily rich in them. Also rich in Natural Active Lecithin, the emulsifier of fats.
The functions of Lecithin are to maintain fats fluid, not allowing the harmful Trans Fatty Acids low density cholesterol salts to cristalize, adhere to your arteries, cutting off luminosity.
Lecithin also transport fats to the liver for storage.
Beware of inactive Pharmaceutical Lecithin which is produced from the Lecithin left over extracted from the oil in the refining process.
It is widely prescribed by Medical Doctors for heart patients, although ineffective.
Cold pressed oils from herbaceous seeds contain over 30% Lecithin, all Tree Nuts and Olives do not contain Lecithin.
Oils derived from these seeds contain from 50 to 70% of Alpha Linoleic and Alpha-Linolenic Fatty Acids. Also known as Omega 6, and Omega 3.
High amounts of Tocopheols and Tocotrienols popularly known as Vitamin E.
Cow's milk contain very little Fatty Acids: it is three times poorer than woman's milk.
Since about the middle of the XX century, that is, since the Second World War, many diseases apparently very diverse, have become more and more common and occur in individuals at an even earlier age caused by lack of Essential Fatty Acids, (auto-immune diseases, degenerative,cancers, allergies, etc... .).
What had happened? During the war there had been rationing, because the availability of foods that supplied calories, especially fats, was insufficient, the technicians worked to provide more fats for the market by extracting more oil from the available oleaginous seeds: to reach high output new extraction methods were introduced, at a heat of from 160 to 200 C (320 to 390 F). with the help of Hexane, a petrol derivate, filtered through activated coal (sulfuric acid), neutralized and deodorized by salicilic sand, also at high steam temperatures, then added with Carminic Acid to have uniform color, also added with preservatives E-333 and 432, and artificial Vitamin E Acetates, this is callled Refined Cooking Oil.Good apetite
The oil obtained in this way had lost completely its original qualities the active Fatty Acids, its taste, and aroma, it became easy to use, inalterable, stable under heat, in contact with oxygen and light - all factors which destroy its vitality and activity. Fit to be kept stored for many years and on suppermarket shelves in transparent plastic bottles.
The output was doubled, the price dropped.
Today the public think of oils only as an addition to foodpreparation.
People were never taught about the importance and structure of Lipids (Fats).
The "Omegas" industry has become a profitable billions of dollars a year.
The Fish Oil and Sea sourced Fats Scam jumped on the wagon by creating the DHA and EPA Omega 3 and 6 encapsulated fish and Krill oils.
The "Scam" was based on the following presumption : that modern human beings were not able to convert or transmute Omegas 3 and 6 into prostaglandines ( a pre Hormone) and metabolise further by a process called Ketogenesis, into DHA (Docohexaenoic Fatty Acid) end EPA ( Eicosapentanoic Acid because of Pollution, Life Style, Smoking, Alcoholism etc... so that excessive Omega 6 ratio against Omega 3 from Refined Sunflower Oils were the cause of inflamation causing high rate heart faillures and death.
This absurd theory led the FDA's of America and Europe to forbid the food industry to use Sunflower or other Omega 6 rich oils from these seeds in any food processing, including biscuits, cakes, breads, preserves, canned food etc... obliging the Food Industry to switch to Omega 9 Palm Oil. A highly saturated fat.
Now, there are two important points to consider;
1- Refined oils from seeds contain absolutely no active Omegas, the original Fatty Acids have been completely destroyed by excessive heat, (180 to 240 Centigrades) chemical deodorizing, exposure
to light and oxygen, it has become sterile, the Omegas have become very harmful Trans Fatty Acids.
So the argument that the inflamation is caused by the excess of Omega 6 is unfounded because they do not consider living, active Cis-Cis
Omegas 3 and 6, they talk only about Trans Omegas which are inactive anyway.
The meaning of Ci-Cis is : Biologically Active, the meaning of Trans is : Biologically Inactive.
Palm Oil is and Omega 9 - Poly Saturated - which does not form Trans Fatty Acids because it does not have essential Fatty Acids the Omegas 3 and 6 and worse still, it also does not have Lecithin, this leads to a dangerous situation as the high content of "Low Density Cholesterol "(known as the bad cholesterol) has no emulsifier to keep it fluid nor to carry it.
Palm Oil is 78% Saturated (PSFA) ,
Sunflower Oil is 70% Poly Unsaturated, (PUFA).
So they created what I call a "Short Cut", make people believe that Fish or Krill capsules cover your needs by providing ready DHA and EPA taken from dead fish fats.
No need for your organism to produce it from active Omegas, let the fish and Krill do the work for you.!!!!
What are the side effects of supressing this vital Ketogenesis process in the production of important hormones?
It is yet too early to answer, this new FDA law has been in force since only a few years.
This is the first generation being fed from birth fish sourced DHA and EPA, both intended for brain development for babies, added to dry milk Formulas and Baby Foods, also in capsules for Brain and Central Nervous System maintenance in young people and adults.
Now another important factor to consider is that fish and Krill oils from the moment they are harvested all the way to the processing and extracting the fat in order to produce oil is basically the same as that of refined oils, destroyed Trans Omegas, not forgetting that a dead fish or krill does not carry living Fatty Acids. When it dies its substances and elements also die.
let us take a look at what says the Human "Chemistry and Biology" from the main book used by Medical Universities to teach future Medical Doctors on the subject of Lipids.
Whether it’s from remembering Grandma’s cod liver oil, most people believe that fish oil ought to taste bad.
We put up with the unpleasant fish oil smell and taste because, well, it’s hard to argue with the benefits substantiated in thousands of research studies.
But the truth is that high-quality Omega-3 products shouldn’t taste like yesteryear’s salmon. If your current fish oil capsules smell fishy – or give you nauseating burps throughout the day – you most likely have a rancid product on your hands.

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