Since time immemorial Whole Grain Cereals have been the main staple food of all great civilizations. 
Fast forward to the present, the word Cereal has become synonymous with breakfast toasted flakes made from refined GMO grain flours added with excessive refined sugars and colorful chocolate toppings to be appetising for children and teenagers.
"EFE", as a true traditional Organic food company decided to step in and bring back to its original form the most nutritious whole grain cereals, lightly toasted to crunchiness to maintain all its powerful nutritional properties.
The most important mineral elements in whole grains are in their thin covering layers, whole wheat grain has 7 of them, as each other grain has them in their varied composition.
One of the layers carries the incredible and almost magical Silicium, the countless properties of this single element for brain development, Calcium creation and overall good health maintenance cannot be found in most foods and is priceless for human health.
Then all the other miriad essential elements
and nano substances in whole grain cereals are even more valuable than any supplement offered in pills.
We selected Millet for its alkalinizing properties rich in Silicium and Magnesium as the best of grains for women, particularly when conceiving.
It is still today a main food for extreme cold weather countries in Asia, same as Buckwheat with its high Rutin content, legendary, known as the 'Longevity" food by Ukrainians an Siberians.
Sweet Corn well known and loved by everyone was the "God" himself of all the indigenous people from Canada, through America, Mexico, Central and South America along with Quinoa kept the races strong and healthy for thousands years.
Now you have the renewed chance to feel the power and nutrition to be incorporated in your body and benefit from great energy and performance which invades the organism.
Add it to just about any meal, as a breakfast, on top of porridges, fruits, nut milks, sandwiches, dishes. or on its own when your teeth crave tasty crunchiness, or when you need quick and light nutrition on the way...
The chocolate comes from extrativism in the Bolivian and Peruvian jungles.
We strive for the best native and original foods around the world.
"Taste the difference"

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