Organic / Bio Tahini

Organic / Bio Tahini
Sesame Seeds and Tahini ( Stone Ground Sesame Seeds) are packed full of nutrients for your and your child's immune system.
They are a rich source of Calcium and Magnesium and, as such, are a particularly useful source of these minerals for children with dairy allergies.
Sesame Seeds have substantial antioxidant strength due to its four kinds of Vitamin E,
Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, + Tocotrienols + Sesaminol and Phytic Acid
Phytic Acid has been shown to be beneficial to maintain good blood cells health.
Sesame Seeds can be added to Biscuits and Muesli Bars; Tahini can be added to Baby Purées or Soups, and is a key ingredient in tasty Hummus.
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