Organic / Bio Vegan Bread | Gluten Free

Organic / Bio Vegan Bread | Gluten Free
The bread is warm, fresh from oven, come in to get it
For wholesale and retail price please inbox us or contact 076-390-301 or 064-670-3000 or 089-785-4801. You can call us to order. Also very soon we will have gluten free bread baking class
Are you missing a Good Bread?
"Natural EFE" brings back traditional Organic Grains that have been the staple food for some of the most resilient and long-living races in the world, buckwheat, there is never enough praise to make justice to this fabulous grain, its nourishing elements and substances contain all the most important nutrients for anyone who is engaged in hard physical activity, sports or for those who want to be well-nourished but do not want to put weight on or still for people with allergies to gluten.

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