Our Story

The journey to macrobiotic & vegan lifestyle


In 2004, after studying international cuisine abroad, Koustas Douridas founded Macrobiotic World. He had a vision of a healthier, happier future, and a world where everyone had access to the ingredients and skills they needed to maintain the vegan lifestyle. He wanted to spread the tastes that he’d discovered, and inspire others to create new ones, so he began educating the public, and learning from them.

His approach to teaching is one of openness, and communication, aimed at fostering a creative environment. He strives to look at his teaching methods, cooking, and the different ingredients with a new lens, every time he steps into class. This allows him to try new things and better his skills as both a chef and a teacher.

Instruction takes a backburner when compared to the importance of our overall vision: improving lives. Macrobiotic World was founded on self-betterment and a dedication to healthy living. We strive to reflect that in everything we do.

"Kosta is an expert with decades of experience in Macrobiotic & Vegan cuisine. He brought back nature's way of eating into Phuket. He believes the natural way is the only way to true health."