Dear Macrobiotic World customers,

After many years of dedicated work in establishing and developing one of the finest macro-vegan organic kitchens in Asia, our restaurant was honored with the prestigious "Best of the Best" award by "TripAdvisor" in 2021, ranking sixth globally. Following a significant period of time, we felt it was time to embark on new adventures and thus, relocated to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. In our new venture, we have also opened a delightful organic products shop, catering to both retail and wholesale customers, while also reconnecting with the land.

We have entrusted our previously well-stocked organic products shop in Phuket to remain open as usual. The garden and restaurant premises have been leased to our friends who have established a holistic center, providing a range of relaxing activities including yoga, sauna, massage, and a vegetarian restaurant.

We have recently become aware, on two separate occasions, that guests have expressed dissatisfaction with the taste of the food through written reviews. It is important to note that the restaurant is now under new management and operates under a different name.

We kindly request that any comments or feedback be directed to the new owners in Phuket. They will be able to address and enhance the challenging task of satisfying the diverse food preferences of our valued customers. We are confident that they will be receptive to your input and eager to implement necessary improvements.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals who have been part of our restaurant's journey and have supported us throughout the years. Your patronage has been greatly appreciated, and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to have served you.

Best regards,

Natural Efe's management team