Organic/Bio | Yogi Tea Maca Chai
Yogi Tea

Organic/Bio | Yogi Tea Maca Chai

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Organic/Bio | Yogi Tea Maca Chai

Weight : 35.7g | 2.1g x 17 Teabags

Explore the vibrant world of spices with Organic/Bio Yogi Tea Maca Chai, a dynamic and invigorating chai blend that perfectly captures the essence of adventure in every cup. This special tea is packaged in 17 teabags, each containing 2.1g of an exotic spice mix, totaling 35.7g per box. Crafted from the finest organic ingredients, this blend offers a lively, spicy, and slightly sweet experience that's both unique and exhilarating.

Flavor Profile: Yogi Tea Maca Chai combines the classic warmth of chai spices with the distinctive, toasty notes of maca, an Andean root known for its natural energizing properties. The tea is led by a high proportion of cinnamon (27%), providing a sweet and spicy base, enhanced by the aromatic depths of cardamom (7%) and the sharpness of ginger. The blend is further enriched with anise, fennel, and the distinctive bite of cloves (3.5%). Roasted chicory root adds a subtle earthiness, while cocoa shells impart a gentle chocolatey hint, and black pepper and guarana give a final peppery kick, boosting the tea’s invigorating qualities.

Ingredients and Their Benefits:

  • Cinnamon: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties and blood sugar regulation.
  • Ginger and Black Pepper: Stimulate digestion and add a warm, spicy kick.
  • Cardamom: Aids digestion and adds a complex aromatic flavor.
  • Maca (5%): Boosts energy and endurance, adding a unique nutty flavor.
  • Cloves: Provide antimicrobial properties and a strong, spicy flavor.
  • Fennel and Anise: Offer digestive support and add a sweet, licorice-like taste.
  • Roasted Chicory Root: Adds depth and an earthy flavor to the blend.
  • Cocoa Shells: Contribute a subtle chocolate undertone.
  • Guarana: Offers a natural boost of caffeine for added energy.

Ideal For: Organic/Bio Yogi Tea Maca Chai is perfect for those looking to infuse a sense of adventure into their daily routine. Its energizing properties make it an excellent choice for starting the day or as a revitalizing mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Brewing Instructions: For the best flavor, steep one teabag in freshly boiled water for about 5 to 7 minutes. The longer you steep, the more pronounced the spicy and sweet flavors become, making for a rich and robust chai experience.

Additional Information: This tea is gluten-free and vegan, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences. The blend is crafted using only certified organic ingredients, ensuring high quality and sustainability in every sip.

Essence of the Tea: Yogi Tea Maca Chai is not just a tea; it’s an invitation to ignite your spirit of adventure and explore new horizons. It combines the traditional elements of a spicy chai with the novel addition of maca, creating a blend that is both grounding and inspiring. This tea is for everyone who carries a zest for life and a desire to explore the unknown. Enjoy the stimulating flavors and let Yogi Tea Maca Chai be a daily reminder of the excitement that awaits in every moment.