Organic-Bio Red Vein Kratom Veggie Capsules 500mg / เร้ด เวน กระท่อม แคปซูล 60 capsules
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Organic-Bio Red Vein Kratom Veggie Capsules 500mg / เร้ด เวน กระท่อม แคปซูล 60 capsules

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Organic-Bio Red Vein Kratom Veggie Capsules 500mg / เร้ด เวน กระท่อม แคปซูล 60 capsules

Uplifts Mood and Energy

Red Vein Kratom: A Botanical Treasure for Health-conscious Individuals

Red Vein Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a caffeine-free, vegan, gluten-free, and bio-organic product with a rich history deeply rooted in traditional Southeast Asian herbal practices. This remarkable botanical offers a unique flavor profile and a myriad of features, making it a versatile addition to your holistic lifestyle.

Red Vein Kratom boasts a subtly earthy and slightly bitter flavor, characteristic of its natural origins. Its key features include being caffeine-free, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a gentle energy boost without the jitters. It's also vegan and gluten-free, aligning perfectly with dietary preferences. This bio-organic product can be incorporated into various holistic practices, from relaxation rituals to wellness routines, providing users with a calming and soothing experience.

Product Features Based on Ingredients:

  • Mitragyna speciosa: The main ingredient, sourced responsibly from the Kratom tree, known for its natural alkaloids that contribute to its distinct properties.
  • Caffeine-free: Suitable for individuals looking to avoid caffeine-based products.
  • Vegan: Ideal for plant-based diets.
  • Gluten-free: Suitable for those with gluten sensitivities.
  • Bio-organic: Grown and processed using environmentally friendly and organic methods.

Health Benefits:

  • Relaxation: Red Vein Kratom is traditionally used for its relaxation-inducing properties.
  • Stress Relief: It may help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm.
  • Mild Energy Boost: Without caffeine, it provides a subtle energy lift without the typical caffeine side effects.
  • Aiding Holistic Practices: Often used in meditation and wellness routines.

Product Usage:

Enjoy Red Vein Kratom by adding a teaspoon (approximately 2 grams) to a cup of hot water, tea, or a smoothie. Consume up to twice daily for optimal results.

Average Nutritional Facts (per 2-gram portion):

  • Calories: Approximately 5 kcal
  • Macronutrients: Minimal
  • Micronutrients: Varied, with no significant daily values

Suggested Portion Size:

For health benefits, a teaspoon (2 grams) is recommended for each serving. (2 grams)

Vegetarian Recipes:

Vegan Kratom Smoothie:

Ingredients: Red Vein Kratom, banana, spinach, almond milk, honey or agave syrup.

Preparation: Blend ingredients until smooth.

Consumption: Enjoy as a nourishing breakfast or snack.

  • Storage: Store unused portions in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

Kratom Face Mask:

Ingredients: Red Vein Kratom, plain yogurt, honey.

Preparation: Mix ingredients into a paste.

Application: Apply to clean skin, leave for 15 minutes, rinse.

  • Storage: Discard unused portions; do not store.

Kratom Detox Tea:

Ingredients: Red Vein Kratom, hot water, lemon juice.

Preparation: Steep Kratom in hot water, add lemon juice.

Consumption: Sip as a soothing detox beverage.

  • Storage: Consume freshly prepared tea.

Expired Product Solution:

  • In case of product expiration, do not consume. Dispose of it responsibly.


Red Vein Kratom is a caffeine-free, vegan, and gluten-free botanical product with a rich history and a versatile range of uses. Its potential to promote relaxation and stress relief makes it a valuable addition to a holistic lifestyle. Whether you seek a subtle energy boost or a moment of calm, Red Vein Kratom offers a natural alternative for health-conscious individuals. Embrace this botanical treasure and incorporate it into your daily wellness routine.