Organic-Bio Granola | Mango & Cashew Nut 300g
Organic-Bio Granola | Mango & Cashew Nut 300g
Organic-Bio Granola | Mango & Cashew Nut 300g
Organic-Bio Granola | Mango & Cashew Nut 300g
Organic-Bio Granola | Mango & Cashew Nut 300g
Organic-Bio Granola | Mango & Cashew Nut 300g
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Organic-Bio Granola | Mango & Cashew Nut 300g

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Natural Efe/ GRANOLA / Mango & Cashew Nut Granola 300g

Weight : 300g

Mango & Cashew Nut Granola: A Symphony of Nature

In the heart of nature’s orchard, the tale of Mango & Cashew Nut Granola begins. Rooted in age-old traditions, where organic practices met the sun’s embrace, this granola is a culmination of nature’s finest ingredients, harmonized to perfection.

The dance of tropical mango and the rich undertone of cashew nut serenades the senses with every bite. The oat flakes add a rustic touch, while sunflower seeds and flaxseed powder bring a nutty undertone. The sweet notes from the coconut syrup are perfectly complemented by the earthy essence of olive oil and a hint of seasalt. It's not just a granola; it's an experience.


  • Oat Flakes: Provide a wholesome base, bringing both texture and rusticity.
  • Sunflower Seeds: Add a delightful crunch, complementing the soft mango bits.
  • Flaxseed Powder: Lends an earthy taste that blends seamlessly with the other ingredients.
  • Olive Oil: A rich component that binds the mixture and gives it a luxurious touch.
  • Coconut Syrup: A natural sweetener, introducing a tropical sweetness.
  • Dry Mango & Mango Puree: These dual mango elements infuse the granola with a fruity tropical flair.
  • Seasalt: Just a hint to enhance and balance the flavors.

Health Benefits:

  • Rich in Fiber: The oats and flaxseed powder are known sources of dietary fiber, aiding digestion.
  • Plant-based Proteins: Derived mainly from the sunflower seeds and oats.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Present in flaxseed powder, they support heart health.
  • Antioxidants: Derived from mango and sunflower seeds, beneficial for combating oxidative stress.

Product Usage:

  • Breakfast Bowl: Add to your favorite plant-based milk or yogurt for a quick and nutritious start.
  • Smoothie Topping: Enhance your smoothies with a crunchy topping.
  • Snacking: Perfect on its own, offering both taste and nutrition.

Nutritional Facts (Per 30g portion):

  • Calories: 130 kcal
  • Macronutrients:
    • Carbohydrates: 20g
    • Proteins: 3g
    • Fats: 5g
  • Micronutrients:
    • Vitamin A (from mango): 10% DV
    • Vitamin E (from sunflower seeds): 15% DV
    • Iron (from oats): 8% DV

Suggested Dosage/Portion:

For optimal health benefits, consume around 2 tablespoons (30g).


  • Vegan Mango & Cashew Parfait:
    • Ingredients: Mango & Cashew Nut Granola, vegan yogurt, fresh mango slices, and agave nectar.
    • Preparation: Layer vegan yogurt, fresh mango slices, and granola in a glass. Drizzle with agave nectar.
    • Consumption: Enjoy chilled.
    • Storage: Consume immediately for best taste.
  • Granola Energy Bites:
    • Ingredients: Mango & Cashew Nut Granola, dates (pitted), almond butter, and chia seeds.
    • Preparation: Blend all ingredients in a food processor. Form into balls.
    • Consumption: Perfect for a quick energy boost.
    • Storage: Refrigerate for up to a week.
  • Detox Granola Salad:
    • Ingredients: Mango & Cashew Nut Granola, mixed greens, avocado, lemon juice, and olive oil.
    • Preparation: Toss all ingredients together.
    • Consumption: Enjoy fresh.
    • Storage: Consume immediately.
  • Exfoliating Face Mask:
    • Ingredients: Mango & Cashew Nut Granola (ground finely), coconut oil, and agave nectar.
    • Preparation: Mix until a paste forms.
    • Consumption: Apply to face, scrub gently, and wash off after 10 minutes.
    • Storage: Use immediately after preparation.
  • Expired Granola Potpourri:
    • Ingredients: Expired Mango & Cashew Nut Granola, essential oils (like lavender or lemon).
    • Preparation: Mix granola with a few drops of essential oil.
    • Consumption: Place in open bowls around the house.
    • Storage: Refresh with essential oils when scent fades.


Mango & Cashew Nut Granola is more than just a breakfast option; it's a gateway to nature's finest offerings. Suitable for those leading a vegan lifestyle, or anyone seeking a nutritious and delicious treat, this granola epitomizes the essence of organic goodness. Dive into its rich tapestry of flavors and let nature speak to your senses.