Flower Honey | น้ำผึ้งจากดอกไม้

Flower Honey | น้ำผึ้งจากดอกไม้

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Organic/Bio Flower Honey | น้ำผึ้งจากดอกไม้

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Natural GlucoseCollected from the nectar of flowers and herbs*Harvested from Arkadia, Peloponnese. Crystallization is a natural property of honey that does not cause any alteration in its nutritional value. Stir in bain-marie (40°C).

Import from Greece.

Greece has a long history of bee-keeping and there are more beehives per acre in Greece than any other country in Europe, so it comes as no surprise that Greek honey is considered the best in the world.

A wide biodiversity of flora combined with the Aegean summer sun is what helps produce this unique golden nectar.Honey is the first traditional sweetener used by Greeks since antiquity. In fact, honey along with olives and grapes formed the beginnings of Greek gastronomy. Greek honey is one of the most nutritional, natural foods, filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Honey contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal substances and has also been used for centuries as a treatment for sore throats and coughs, minor burns, cuts and other bacterial infections.

The honey from Greece is considered to be some of the finest on a global scale due to the unlimited summer sun, the biodiversity of the Greek countryside plus the rich variety of Greek flora, which includes over 850 species found nowhere else in the world. Scientists and botanists consider Greece a country with the richest flora in the Mediterranean basin, (more than 7,500 different species of herbs, plants, wild flowers and trees).

Greek honeys are richer in aromatic substances, compared to other honeys produced in other countries; they have less humidity, which means they are denser and richer.

Combine all these facts together and you can start to understand why Greek honey has a top position in the world market.