Natural EFE/ Memory Boosters 90 Veggies Capsules 500mg / เมมโมรี่ บูทเตอร์ แคปซูล
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Natural EFE/ Memory Boosters 90 Veggies Capsules 500mg / เมมโมรี่ บูทเตอร์ แคปซูล

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Natural EFE/ Memory Boosters 90 Veggies Capsules 500mg / เมมโมรี่ บูทเตอร์ แคปซูล

The journey of the "Memory Booster" capsule finds its roots in ancient herbal traditions, where knowledge of nature's bounty was passed down through generations. Time-tested and trusted, this blend is a culmination of nature's most potent brain-supporting herbs and minerals. Each capsule presents a harmonious blend that not only resonates with an earthy aroma but also carries a subtle hint of the aromatic rosemary, promising a sensory experience as enriching as its history.

Features Based on Ingredients:

Gingko Biloba: A revered ancient tree known for its unique fan-shaped leaves.

Rosemary: A fragrant herb with needle-like leaves, adding a touch of aroma to the blend.

Turkey Tail: A versatile mushroom known for its distinct fan-like appearance.

Flavonoids, Phenolic Acids, and Terpenoids: Natural compounds contributing to the capsule's rich, earthy taste.

Vitamins and Minerals: Contains essential vitamins A, B6, and C, along with minerals like Folate, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, and Iron.

Health Benefits:

Supports memory functions.

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to overall well-being.

Fights free radicals, supporting health.

Product Usage:

Dietary Supplement: Can be taken daily with meals.

Culinary Ingredient: Can be incorporated into recipes for a nutritional boost.

Nutritional Facts (Per 500mg Capsule):

Calories: 2 kcal


Carbohydrates: 0.3g

Proteins: 0.1g

Fats: 0.05g


Vitamin A: 5% DV

Vitamin B6: 4% DV

Vitamin C: 3% DV

Folate: 6% DV

Magnesium: 2% DV

Calcium: 2% DV

Copper: 4% DV

Iron: 3% DV

Suggested Portion Size:

2-3 capsules twice daily (500mg)


The Essence of Clarity: Memory Booster Capsules are more than just a supplement; they are a testament to nature's timeless wisdom. Ideal for those seeking cognitive support or simply a healthful addition to their dietary regimen, this product is a harmonious blend of nature's best. Rooted in tradition and formulated for the modern individual, there's no wonder why these capsules are a staple for those in pursuit of clarity and wellness.



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