Organic-Bio | Barley Flour แป้งข้าวบาร์เลย์
Organic-Bio | Barley Flour แป้งข้าวบาร์เลย์
Organic-Bio | Barley Flour แป้งข้าวบาร์เลย์
Organic-Bio | Barley Flour แป้งข้าวบาร์เลย์
Organic-Bio | Barley Flour แป้งข้าวบาร์เลย์
Organic-Bio | Barley Flour แป้งข้าวบาร์เลย์
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Organic-Bio | Barley Flour แป้งข้าวบาร์เลย์

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Organic-Bio | Barley Flour แป้งข้าวบาร์เลย์

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Barley Flour: A Wholesome Vegan Staple


Barley flour, derived from the ancient grain Hordeum vulgare, boasts a rich history dating back centuries. Originally cultivated in the fertile crescent, this wholesome ingredient has stood the test of time, gracing tables across the globe with its nutty, earthy flavor and versatile nature. Our organic barley flour is a testament to its enduring legacy, offering a bounty of features and uses that cater to the discerning palate and health-conscious individuals alike.

Flavor, Features, and Uses:

Barley flour's distinct nutty flavor adds depth to your culinary creations. Its fine texture and mild taste make it an excellent choice for baking, whether you're crafting artisan bread or delectable pastries. This flour's exceptional binding properties also make it a valuable addition to vegan recipes, serving as a versatile egg substitute. Beyond the kitchen, barley flour can be harnessed for its natural exfoliating properties in skincare routines, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ingredient-Based Features:

Hordeum Vulgare Excellence: Our barley flour is meticulously sourced from organic Hordeum vulgare, ensuring a pure, unadulterated product.

Vegan Virtue: Completely plant-based and cruelty-free, this flour aligns perfectly with vegan dietary choices.

Health Benefits:

Heart Health: Barley flour is an excellent source of soluble fiber, known to support heart health by reducing cholesterol levels.

Digestive Wellness: The fiber content aids in promoting a healthy digestive system, preventing constipation and promoting regularity.

Nutrient-Rich: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, iron, and magnesium, it contributes to overall well-being.

Product Usage:

Baking Brilliance: Use it for baking bread, muffins, or cookies, enhancing the nutritional profile of your favorite recipes.

Vegan Binding Agent: Replace eggs in vegan recipes by mixing with water to create a binding consistency.

Skincare Secret: Create a gentle exfoliating paste by combining barley flour with water, promoting radiant skin.

Nutrition Facts:

Rich in dietary fiber

Contains B vitamins (particularly niacin and riboflavin)

Good source of iron and magnesium

Suggested Dosage:

For heart health, aim for at least 3-4 tablespoons (45-60 grams) daily, mixed into your favorite recipes or beverages. This dosage has been clinically shown to provide optimal benefits.


Vegan Barley Flour Pancakes:

Ingredients: Barley flour, almond milk, baking powder, maple syrup, vanilla extract.

Preparation: Mix ingredients, cook on a griddle, flip until golden.

Consumption: Top with fresh berries and maple syrup.

Storage: Store leftover pancakes in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Barley Flour Energy Bites:

Ingredients: Barley flour, nut butter, honey, dried fruits, nuts.

Preparation: Combine ingredients, shape into bites, refrigerate.

Consumption: Grab a bite for a quick energy boost.

Storage: Keep refrigerated for up to two weeks.

Barley Flour Exfoliating Mask:

Ingredients: Barley flour, water, honey (optional).

Preparation: Mix barley flour and water (add honey for added moisture).

Application: Apply to damp face, gently massage, rinse.

Storage: Prepare fresh for each use.



Our organic barley flour, deeply rooted in history and brimming with health benefits, is a versatile staple for those seeking wholesome, plant-based options. Whether you're a dedicated vegan, an athlete on the go, or simply someone striving for a balanced lifestyle, this flour has something special to offer. Elevate your culinary creations, support your well-being, and embrace the timeless tradition of barley flour – a truly unique addition to your pantry. Purchase now and experience the wholesome goodness of this vegan and organic gem.