Black Pepper Essential Oil
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Black Pepper Essential Oil

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Black Pepper Oil is derived from a commonly used spice called black pepper. It is well known not only as flavoring on meal but also for a variety of purposes such as preservatives and perfumery. It also aids minor health problems such as chills, flu, colds body pain and fever. It comes in colorless to yellow green liquid.

How to use: Mix 2 drops of black pepper oil into a coconut oil and apply on the skin to have a warm sensation during cold weather. Put few drops on meat, soups and salads to add flavor on the food, put 1 drop on diffuser or inhale directly to ease stress and anxiety.

Country of Origin: India

Warning/Caution: It may cause irritation to sensitive skin, using too much can over-stimulate the kidneys and avoid using during pregnancy due to its possible effect on skin sensitizing.