Black Tea TC
Black Tea TC
Black Tea TC
Black Tea TC

Black Tea TC

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Organic/Bio Black Tea TC

Weight : 50g

Hydration of Organic Black Tea

You have probably heard the ‘eight glass’ rule of daily hydration. Drinking eight glasses of water is essential for hydration and weight loss. However, if you are a person who cannot drink a lot of water, it is hard to stay hydrated. Besides, other beverages such as coffee, soda, milk drinks, or fruit juice are not considered hydrating drinks. Luckily, organic tea can help you stay hydrated. The drink will deliver H2O to your organs as well as quenching your thirst.

Improving Immunity
Organic tea contains some vitamins that help build a robust immune system. One of them is Vitamin H or biotin that facilitate metabolism. Plus, it aids hair growth and skin regeneration. Another element is Vitamin D, which is good for bones and teeth. This vitamin also reduces the effects of depression and infections such as the flu.

Soothing effects
Another element in organic tea leaves is Theanine. It helps to reduce stress and soothes the body. It is an amino acid that dissolves in water easily. When we get stressed, the body responds to this unpleasant feeling by increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Though it is the mechanism of the body to fight against stressful situations, it can also lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Control Blood Sugar
Both organic green and black tea help to lower the risk of diabetes for several reasons. By being prebiotic, tea monitors the glucose levels. In a particular way, tea facilitates people who have blood sugar problem as it delays the release of sugar. Besides, different types of tea, including Cinnamon or Sage, contribute sugar control.

Weight : 50g

Import from India.


Органический / Био Черный чай TC

Вес: 50 г

Импорт из Индии.

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