Natural Efe | PROBIOS | Organic Buckwheat Penne
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Natural Efe | PROBIOS | Organic Buckwheat Penne

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Weight : 250g

ALTRI CEREALI Organic Buckwheat Penne Gluten-Free

Ingredients : Organic Buckwheat Flour

Organic Buckwheat Penne(Probios) is one kind of pasta. This one is the product from buckwheat. It's similar to ordinary pasta. It has a bit of a sticky and chewy texture. It has a nutty, slightly bitter flavour, similar to wholewheat flour or rye

How to cook :

1.Brinkg 1 Litter of water to boil and add 1g of salt

2.Add 100g of Organic Buckwheat Penne and boiled for 8-10 Minutes

3.Drain the Organic Buckwheat Penne and season with your favorite sauce

Warning/Caution :

Store in a cool and dry place