Organic-Bio Toothpaste | Dentargile - Mint Refreshing (Fluoride Free)

Organic-Bio Toothpaste | Dentargile - Mint Refreshing (Fluoride Free)

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Cattier l Organic/BIO Toothpaste l Dentargile Mint Refreshing (Fluoride Free) 75ml

Volume : 75ml

Product of France

Certified organic. 0% sulfate. 0% fluorine.

Cattier Dentargile Refreshing Toothpaste 75ml with a formula enriched with clay and organic essential oil of mint refreshes the breath and helps preserve healthy teeth and gums. Marine salts and its oligo-elements tone the gums and stimulate the natural cleansing of teeth.

Benefit :
1. Protection Quotidienne
2. Daily Protection
3. Protection Diaria
4. Dagelukse Bescherming

This remineralising toothpaste with clay and Propolis (renowned for its bactericidal and fungicidal properties), prevents external attacks to maintain healthy teeth and gums.