Organic-Bio Chia Seeds เมล็ดเจีย
Organic-Bio Chia Seeds เมล็ดเจีย
Organic-Bio Chia Seeds เมล็ดเจีย
Organic-Bio Chia Seeds เมล็ดเจีย
Organic-Bio Chia Seeds เมล็ดเจีย
Organic-Bio Chia Seeds เมล็ดเจีย
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Organic-Bio Chia Seeds เมล็ดเจีย

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Organic-Bio Chia Seeds เมล็ดเจีย

Weight : 500g / 1Kg

Chia Seeds: The Timeless Treasure of Salvia Hispanica

Discover the ancient superfood that powered the Aztecs and Mayans: Chia Seeds from the Salvia Hispanica plant. Revered for their versatility and impressive health benefits, these small but mighty seeds have carved a niche in the modern health-conscious world.

Chia Seeds are a vegan-friendly, 100% plant-based option that fits seamlessly into diverse dietary regimes including ketogenic diets due to their low carb and high fiber content. Completely gluten-free, they are a safe choice for those with gluten sensitivities or intolerances. Organically grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, these seeds offer a pure, unadulterated addition to your diet.

Health Benefits:

- Digestive Wellness: Rich in fiber, chia seeds promote a robust digestive system.

- Bone Strength: High in calcium necessary for strong bones.

- Antioxidant Power: Packed with antioxidants to combat free radicals.

Usage Suggestions:

- Energize Your Breakfast: Sprinkle on oatmeal or yogurt.

- Culinary Thickener: Achieve a gel-like consistency perfect as a sauce thickener or egg substitute in vegan baking.

- Smoothie Enhancer: Boost your beverage with a spoonful of chia seeds for added nutrients.

Nutritional Profile (Per 1 tablespoon, 15 grams):

- Calories: 58

- Carbohydrates: 5g

- Protein: 2g

- Fat: 4g (Saturated: 0.3g)

- Fiber: 5g (20% Daily Value)

- Calcium: 77 mg (6% Daily Value)

- Phosphorus: 58 mg (5% Daily Value)

- Zinc: 0.4 mg (4% Daily Value)

Serving Size: 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 grams)

Explore Recipes:

- Vegan Chia Seed Pudding: Mix with almond milk and sweetener, refrigerate overnight.

- Energy Balls: Combine with oats and nut butter for a quick snack.

- Chia Detox Water: Refresh with chia-infused water flavored with lemon and sweetener.

- Natural Face Mask: Create a soothing mask from chia seeds and coconut milk.

- Foot Scrub: Exfoliate with a blend of expired chia seeds, coconut oil, and sea salt.

Chia Seeds are not just a food item but a holistic ingredient for dietary enhancement, beauty applications, and more. Embrace the nutritional richness and historical legacy of Chia Seeds to elevate your wellness routine.

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