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Organic/Bio | Tea & Herb Chicory Root 150g

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Organic/Bio | Tea & Herb Chicory Root 150g

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Chicory Root Tea: The Digestive Support Beverage

Key Ingredient(s):

Chicory Root Tea is crafted from the dried roots of the Chicory plant (Cichorium intybus), a rich source of inulin. This soluble fiber acts as a prebiotic, nourishing the beneficial bacteria in the gut and supporting a healthy digestive system.

Health Benefits:

Digestive Support: Enhances digestive health by promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

Detoxification: Aids in detoxifying the liver and improving bile production, which is essential for digestion and metabolism.

Appetite Regulation: Inulin fiber can help regulate appetite by promoting a feeling of fullness, supporting weight management efforts.

Blood Sugar Management: The inulin in Chicory Root Tea may help in managing blood sugar levels, making it beneficial for those monitoring their glucose intake.

Product Usage:

To enjoy, steep one tablespoon of chicory root in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on desired strength. This tea can be enjoyed on its own or blended with other teas and herbs for additional flavor profiles. Chicory Root Tea can also be served cold for a refreshing twist.

Nutritional Information per Serving:

Calories: 0

Total Fat: 0g

Carbohydrates: Less than 1g (primarily from inulin fiber)

Sugars: 0g

Dietary Fiber: 1g

Suggested Portion Size:

A single serving consists of one tablespoon of chicory root steeped in one cup (approximately 240 ml) of water. It can be consumed 1-2 times daily, especially before meals to aid digestion.

Additional Features or Tips:

Coffee Alternative: Chicory Root Tea offers a coffee-like taste without the caffeine, making it an excellent alternative for those reducing their caffeine intake.

Mix with Other Herbs: Enhance flavor and health benefits by combining chicory root with herbs like peppermint or ginger.

Vegetarian Recipes or Alternative Uses:

Apart from being a warm beverage, Chicory Root Tea can be used in vegetarian recipes such as in smoothies, soups, or as a base for homemade ice pops for a prebiotic boost.

Handling Expired Product or Sustainability Tips:

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to extend shelf life.

Composting expired Chicory Root Tea is a sustainable way to dispose of it, returning nutrients back to the earth.

Overall Appeal, Unique Qualities, or Wellness Benefits:

Chicory Root Tea stands out for its digestive health benefits, making it a valuable addition to any wellness routine. Its ability to support gut health, manage appetite, and regulate blood sugar levels, all while offering a delicious, coffee-like flavor, gives it a unique position in the world of herbal teas. The versatility of Chicory Root Tea, both as a beverage and in various recipes, along with its health benefits, makes it a must-try for those looking to support their digestive health naturally. Whether you're seeking a caffeine-free coffee alternative or a natural way to boost your digestive wellness, Chicory Root Tea offers a compelling blend of flavor and functionality.