Cinnamon Essential Oil
Cinnamon Essential Oil
Cinnamon Essential Oil
Cinnamon Essential Oil
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Cinnamon Essential Oil

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Cinnamon Essential Oil:

Cinnamon essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the bark and leaves of cinnamon tree.It has been used due to its antiseptic nature. It has a warming sensation and uplifting characteristic, used while meditating and also used in cosmetic products.It comes in reddish brown color.

How to use : 

-Use with Aroma burner and drop 2-3 cinnamon essential oil mix with water

-For a bath blend, add 5-6 drops of celery seed essential oil into a tub of warm bathing water and soak for 10-15 minutes.

-Mix with bast oil for healthy and relaxing massage oil.

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Warning/Caution :

This product is concentrated and cannot apply directly on sensitive skin. Avoid using and eating during pregnancy.For external use only do not eat cinnamon essential oil due to skin irritation. Including the lining of the stomach. And intestines avoid direct sunlight