Clove Bud Oil

Clove Bud Oil

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Clove Bud Oil is obtained through steam distillation of flowering bud of clove tree .It comes in pale yellow to yellow clear in color.

How to use: For skin care, mix clove bud oil with 2 teaspoon raw honey. Use this mixture to your face.

For toothache, put few drops of clove bud oil in the cotton swab and apply directly to the gums around the painful tooth.

For diffusing blend, add 2 drops clove bud oil, 4 drops wild orange, 1 drop cinnamon, and 2 drops lemon essential oil. Diffuse this mixture via essential oil burner.

Country of Origin: India

Warning/ Caution: Do skin patch test before using this oil. For pregnant and breastfeeding women do not use this oil. Keep out of eyes, ears or nose. This oil is not safe to children

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