Spelt coffee - Instant Spelt 80% 75g

Spelt coffee - Instant Spelt 80% 75g

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Naturata/ Spelt coffee - Instant Spelt 80% 75g

Weight : 75g for approx. 35 cups with 200ml

Produced in Switzerland

Caffeine-free / Vegan Product / Gluten-free (Due to the special manufacturing process used)

Organic spelt instant coffee, coffee substitute extract caffeine free and quickly soluble.

Ingredients : Spelt 80% (a type of wheat), Chicory from biodynamic production (Demeter). Gluten-free due to production. May contain traces of milk constituents. Store in a cool and dry place.

Preparation : According to taste, take 1-2 teaspoons (approx. 2g) per cup, pour with 200ml of the hot water and strir - ready!!! Sweeten and refine with milk or cream as desired.

High-quality Demeter-ingredients : When choosing our ingredients we set great store by top quality; the spelt comes from farmers in Germany who work according to biodynamic principles, and the chicory is cultivated in Europe. The delicately balanced combination of spelt and chicory makes for a strong, slightly bitter taste which fans of pure coffee love too.