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Organic/Bio | Yogi Tea Garden ANDES - Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea 20 Teabags (1.8 oz) 50g

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Organic/Bio | Yogi Tea Garden ANDES - Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea 20 Teabags (1.8 oz) 50g

A vibrant blend, naturally caffeine-free, rich in antioxidants.

Experience the rich, floral heritage of the Andes with our GARDEN ANDES 100% Organic Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea. This herbal tea combines the vibrant flavors of rosehip and hibiscus, harvested from the lush, alpine meadows of Chile. Known for its bright, tangy taste and deep red infusion, this tea is a delightful treat for the senses.

Envision sprawling prairies beneath the high Andean peaks, where wild roses bloom with abandon. As their petals fall, they leave behind the rosehip, a fruit celebrated for its vibrant color and healthful properties. Together with the crimson blooms of hibiscus, this landscape is not just a feast for the eyes but a cradle of natural goodness.

100% Organic Rosehip fruits and 100% Organic Hibiscus

Serving Size:
1 Teabag (2.5g)

Tasting Notes:
Our Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea is characterized by its uniquely tangy flavor, with fruity and tart notes that refresh and revitalize. The hibiscus adds a lemony zest while the rosehip rounds it out with a subtle sweetness and a hint of tartness.

Brewing Instructions:
Steep one teabag in boiling water for 5-7 minutes to unleash the full flavor and benefits of our herbal blend. The resulting tea is a deep red color, perfect for sipping hot or as a refreshing iced beverage.

Health Benefits:
Rosehip is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, making it an excellent immune booster. Hibiscus is known for its positive effects on blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. Together, they offer a powerful blend of nutrients that support overall wellness.

Each teabag is carefully sealed to preserve the freshness and integrity of the tea, ensuring that each cup you brew is as flavorful as it is nutritious.

Sustainability Commitment:
Our commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices helps protect the natural beauty of the Andes and supports the health of our planet. We cultivate our ingredients without harmful chemicals, honoring the land and its rich biodiversity.

Experience the Essence of the Andes:
GARDEN ANDES 100% Organic Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea is more than just a drink—it's an invitation to connect with the deep-rooted traditions and pristine nature of the Chilean Andes. Enjoy this blend as part of your daily ritual and savor a cup of wellness infused with the spirit of the mountains.