Green Energy Yogi Tea
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Green Energy Yogi Tea

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Green Energy Yogi Tea


Green Tea with Herbs, Guarana & Kombucha Ingredients: Green tea* (68%), lemon grass*, guarana* (7%), peppermint*, ginger* (3%), elderflower* (2%), black pepper*, natural flavour, dried kombucha drink*, bergamot oil*, lemon

verbena*. *certified organic


Energising, focused, fruity.

Green tea improves our soul's inner alertness and concentration. Being aware and alert gives us a better perspective and a conscious presence. Enjoy traditionally used guarana from the rainforest in combination with smooth green tea in this focused YOGI TEA® blend. Peppermint, lemon grass and elderflower give a fresh, fruity finish to this delicious blend. The essence of this tea is: 'Meditation in motion'.