Organic/Bio | Yogi Tea Matcha Lemon
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Organic/Bio | Yogi Tea Matcha Lemon

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Natural Efe | Yogi Tea Organic - Matcha Lemon

Weight : 30.6g (17 Teabags | 1.8g)

Import from Germany

Introducing Natural Efe | Yogi Tea Organic - Matcha Lemon, a harmonious blend that elegantly combines the serene traditions of Ayurvedic meditation with the refined craft of Buddhist green tea preparation. Imported from Germany, this unique tea comes in a package weighing 30.6g, containing 17 teabags of 1.8g each, perfect for those seeking a moment of peace in their busy days.

Ingredients and Flavor Profile:

The tea features a sophisticated mix of high-quality green teas including 43% That, 10% Sencha, and 2% Matcha, all known for their smooth and refreshing taste profiles. Added to this are zesty elements like 9% lime and lemongrass, which provide a bright, citrusy burst. This vibrant tang is perfectly balanced by the warmth of ginger, the sweetness of liquorice, and the cooling touch of peppermint. Black pepper and lemon verbena add a subtle spiciness and a layer of complex flavor notes, while dried lemon juice enhances the tea’s vibrant character.

Crafting and Health Benefits:

This blend is carefully crafted with Tencha tops, which are shaded from the sun for several weeks before harvest to enhance their delicate flavor. The inclusion of Matcha not only enriches the flavor but also brings a gentle energy boost, traditionally used to aid Buddhist monks during long periods of meditation. The combination of green tea and Matcha provides a rich source of antioxidants, while lemongrass and lime offer digestive and immune benefits.

Tasting Notes:

Yogi Tea Organic - Matcha Lemon is both invigorating and soothing, making it an excellent beverage for starting the day or as a refreshing mid-afternoon pick-me-up. The natural sweetness of the liquorice and the fresh, minty undertones make it a delightful, palate-pleasing tea.

Brewing Instructions:

For the perfect cup, steep one teabag in freshly boiled water for about 5 to 7 minutes. This allows the subtle flavors and aromas to fully develop, providing a truly enriching tea experience.

Perfect For:

This tea is ideal for those who wish to maintain a balanced, harmonious lifestyle through mindful consumption. It’s particularly suited for yoga practitioners, meditators, and anyone who enjoys the ritual of tea drinking as a moment to pause and reflect.

Essence of the Tea:

The essence of Yogi Tea Organic - Matcha Lemon is captured in the mantra 'Harmonious through the day,' reflecting its ability to bring balance and tranquility to your daily routine. Enjoy this tea as a delightful companion that supports your journey towards inner harmony and heightened awareness.