Matcha Lemon Yogi Tea
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Matcha Lemon Yogi Tea

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Matcha Lemon Yogi Tea


Green Tea with Matcha, Herbs & Citrus Ingredients: Green tea (Tenchat 43%, Sencha* 10%, Matcha* 2%), lime (9%), liquorice, lemon grass (9%), peppermint-, black pepper*. dried lemon juice* (3%), guarana", lemon oil", lemon verbenat, lemon peel*, ginger*. *certified organic Refreshing, delicious, inspiring for the senses.

YOGI TEA® Green Tea Matcha Lemon combines the Ayurvedic meditation tradition with the craft of Buddhist green tea. Delicate, green Tencha tops, shielded from sunlight for the last weeks before the harvest to obtain a fine
fresh and mild taste, have been refined with selected Matcha that has traditionally accompanied Buddhist monks during their long meditations. Fruity lemon grass

and tangy lime round off this wonderful tea blend and create a very special taste experience The essence of this tea is 'Harmonious through the day.