Organic / Bio Milk Thistle Powder
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Organic / Bio Milk Thistle Powder

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Organic / Bio Milk Thistle Powder 

Weight : 100g

Milk Thistle Powder is derived from the milk thistle plant also known as Holy Thistle which has a distinctive purple flower with white veins, having been an important part of European herblore for hundreds of years.

Milk Thistle Powder is first and foremost a supreme vitality herb for all things concerning the liver. Keep in mind that when the liver is functioning at full capacity, extra stress and detoxification responsibilities will be unburdened from the kidneys, spleen, gallbladder and endocrine system as a whole.

The active compounds within our Milk Thistle powder help to increase bile production, promote lactation for breastfeeding mothers and can also revitalize the mucous membrane systems of the entire body.

How to use: Use 140-400mg per day for periods of 4-6 weeks. Simply fill a teabag and brew to make tea, or mix in juices or smoothies.