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Baking Soda เบคกิ้งโซดา

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Natural Efe / Baking Soda เบคกิ้งโซดา 500g
Weight : 500g
100% Natural / Gluten Free / Food Grade / Premium Quality / Aluminum Free

Baking Soda: The Essential Kitchen and Home Companion

Main Features:
Baking Soda, known scientifically as Sodium Bicarbonate, is a versatile and indispensable product for both your baking and cleaning needs. Its unique properties make it a kitchen staple, acting as a leavening agent in baking, a natural cleaning solution, and even a deodorizer.

Key Ingredient(s):
The sole ingredient, Sodium Bicarbonate, is a naturally occurring compound that offers a myriad of uses. Its alkaline nature allows it to react with acids, producing carbon dioxide gas, which helps baked goods rise.

Health Benefits:
While not consumed in large quantities for its health benefits, Baking Soda has been recognized for its ability to help neutralize stomach acid, making it a useful remedy for heartburn and indigestion when dissolved in water.

Product Usage:
In Baking: Use as directed in recipes to ensure proper rising of doughs and batters.
  • Cleaning: A gentle yet effective cleaner for kitchen surfaces, sinks, and even stained coffee cups.
  • Deodorizing: Neutralize odors by placing an open box in your refrigerator or sprinkling some in trash cans.
  • Personal Care: Can be used as a gentle exfoliant or even a toothpaste alternative.

Nutritional Information Per Serving:
As a non-nutritive substance when used in typical quantities for baking or cleaning, Baking Soda does not contribute significant calories, vitamins, or minerals to the diet.

Suggested Portion Size:
In cooking, follow recipe instructions as the amount will vary depending on the application. For health remedies, a 1/2 teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water is commonly used.

Additional Features or Tips:
Mix with vinegar for a powerful cleaning fizz.
  • Soothe insect bites and minor skin irritations with a paste of Baking Soda and water.

Vegetarian Recipes or Alternative Uses:
Vegan pancakes: Baking Soda can help create fluffy, egg-free pancakes.
  • Homemade toothpaste: Mix with coconut oil for a natural toothpaste alternative.

Handling Expired Product or Sustainability Tips:
Baking Soda does not typically expire, but its potency for baking can decrease over time. Expired Baking Soda can still be used for cleaning. Its natural composition ensures it's a safe, eco-friendly choice for various household tasks.

Overall Appeal, Unique Qualities, or Wellness Benefits:
Baking Soda's versatility, affordability, and eco-friendly profile make it an essential item in every home. Beyond its baking applications, it's celebrated for its natural cleaning powers and various health and personal care uses. Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of Baking Soda to enhance your culinary creations, maintain a cleaner home, and contribute to a healthier lifestyle with minimal environmental impact.


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