Incense Sticks | Kasturi ธูปหอมกลิ่นชะมด

Incense Sticks | Kasturi ธูปหอมกลิ่นชะมด

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Natural Efe Indian incense sticks - AYURVEDIC KASTURI ธูปหอมกลิ่นชะมด 15g

Masala Incense / Natural Ingredients Natural Result

Ayurvedic KASTURI Masala Incense Stick implicate a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins and oils. It is free from toxic materials.

KASTURI Incense emits a smoothing fragrance that will mesmerize and delight your senses and help make your puja routine delightful. Incense help one sooth and relax.

It is also burned during Meditation and Meditation Ceremonies. It purifies the surroundings and lifts one's mood by providing pleasing aroma and visual delight.

These incense leave long lasting fragrance that uplifts you mood and helps deepen your meditation.