Natural Efe Indian incense sticks - DEEPIKA Meditation ธูปหอม สมาธิ 15g

Natural Efe Indian incense sticks - DEEPIKA Meditation ธูปหอม สมาธิ 15g

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Natural Efe Indian incense sticks - DEEPIKA Meditation ธูปหอม สมาธิ 15g

 Product Description:

Elevate your spiritual practices with Deepika Meditation Incense Sticks from Natural Efe. These hand-rolled masala agarbatti are composed of a select blend of natural herbs and essential oils crafted specifically to enhance meditation and yoga sessions. The refreshing and calming aroma promotes a conducive environment for deep contemplation and relaxation, making each session a journey towards inner peace and bliss.

Portion Size:

Each box contains 15 grams of Deepika Meditation Incense Sticks, typically amounting to about 12 to 15 sticks depending on their thickness.

Guideline to Use:

  1. Place the incense stick securely in an incense holder.
  2. Light the tip of the incense stick and allow it to burn for a few seconds. Blow out the flame, letting the stick smolder and release its aromatic smoke.
  3. Ensure the holder is on a stable, heat-resistant surface within a well-ventilated area to optimize fragrance distribution and maintain air quality.
  4. Use during meditation or yoga to create a serene atmosphere that enhances focus and spiritual connection.

Health Benefits:

  • Promotes Relaxation: The soothing aroma helps calm the mind, reducing stress and anxiety, and setting the perfect mood for meditation or yoga.
  • Enhances Concentration: Ideal for deep meditation sessions, the scent helps focus the mind, reducing distractions and enabling deeper spiritual experiences.
  • Air Purification: Natural ingredients help cleanse the air, making the environment fresher and more pleasant.


  • Never leave burning incense unattended.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Use in a well-ventilated area to prevent any discomfort from smoke inhalation.
  • Dispose of the ash safely once the incense has completely burned down.


Keep the incense sticks in a cool, dry place to preserve their potency and prevent any deterioration in quality. Avoid exposure to moisture and direct sunlight.

Other Information:

  • Stylish and Handy Packaging: The incense comes in an attractive package that is easy to store and ideal for gifting.
  • Free from Toxic Materials: Made with natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly product.

Deepika Meditation Incense Sticks are designed not just to refresh your space but to transform it into a sanctuary of tranquility, helping you to achieve bliss and a profound meditative experience.

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