SATYA | Persian Musk Incense Sticks ธูปหอม เปอร์เซียมัสค์

SATYA | Persian Musk Incense Sticks ธูปหอม เปอร์เซียมัสค์

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Incense Sticks | Persian Musk ธูปหอม เปอร์เซียมัสค์

Net Weight : 15g

Product Description:

Natural Efe's Satya Persian Musk Incense Sticks – Immerse yourself in the exotic allure of Persia with our meticulously crafted Satya Persian Musk incense sticks. Made from the finest natural ingredients, each stick offers a complex bouquet characterized by sweet musky undertones, strong lactonic notes, and a rich aromatic presence. Designed for those who appreciate a sophisticated and immersive aromatic experience, these sticks transform any space into a tranquil sanctuary.


  • Mood Enhancement: The enchanting musk fragrance promotes relaxation and helps alleviate stress, creating a peaceful retreat in your own home.
  • Energy Harmonization: Specially formulated to influence the energy dynamics of a room, these sticks aim to minimize negative vibes and amplify the positive aspects of all zodiac signs, supporting spiritual well-being.
  • Aromatic Ambiance: Perfect for enhancing the ambiance of any space, the luxurious and continuous fragrance release makes it ideal for use during yoga, meditation, or relaxation routines.

Portion Size:

  • Net Weight: 15g per box
  • Stick Count: Typically contains 12 to 15 sticks, depending on individual stick weight
  • Burning Time: Each stick provides approximately 40-45 minutes of fragrance, perfect for extended sessions of relaxation or spiritual activities.


  • Musk Essence: Provides the core sweet and musky scent.
  • Natural Resins: For a sustained burn and aromatic depth.
  • Essential Oils: Blend of aromatic oils to achieve the strong lactonic note.
  • Herbal Extracts: Enhance the fragrance while contributing to the sticks' calming effects.


  • Fire Hazard: Always use the incense stick in a suitable holder and on a fire-resistant surface. Never leave burning incense unattended.
  • Ventilation: Ensure the area is well-ventilated when burning incense to avoid irritation.
  • Allergens: Individuals with fragrance sensitivities should use caution, as the strong scents may trigger allergies or respiratory issues.

This comprehensive description should help convey the unique qualities of the Satya Persian Musk incense sticks while informing potential customers of their practical use and safety considerations.